Service Plans

Becoming an Ablestoke customer - Choosing your service plan

A “one size fits all” approach cannot be applied to Financial Planning. Every client should have their needs properly identified and agreed, with solutions and fund choices that have been fully considered and tailored accordingly*.

Bronze Service


  • Meet once per year
  • Low Income
  • Small or no funds
  • Basic needs
  • £300.00 Annual option

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Silver Service


  • Meet Twice per year
  • Reasonable Income
  • Funds available
  • Typical needs
  • £500.00 Annual option

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Gold Service


  • Meet four times a year
  • Good Income
  • Funds available
  • Typical needs
  • £1000.00 Annual option

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Platinum Service


  • Meets tailored to you
  • Significant Income
  • Funds diversity
  • Complex needs
  • £1500.00 Annual option

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As time goes by your circumstances will change, your income will change and your needs and goals will change. The world around you also constantly changes. In an ever-changing and complex world it is important to keep your finances on track. The most important element of achieving this is regular financial planning reviews.

Our financial planning review service allows us to keep up to date with how your life is changing and what is important to you and keep you ahead of the game in a turbulent world. In order to ensure that you are on track and that all of our advice is the best it can be, we will meet with you on a regular basis to look at where you are today and where you want to be tomorrow, then help you create a plan to get there in the most effective way possible.

We segment our Financial Planning review service for our clients into 4 levels. Your Ablestoke consultant will help you decide which level is most appropriate for you. Our service levels are based upon client contact and help us ensure that our clients are provided the best service possible and get into the habit of taking regular financial planning advice.

We also offer all clients a dedicated client care team who will be in regular contact ensuring that our service is being delivered to you. Review below on our range of plans to see what best suits you. If you are not sure, please feel at ease to contact us under no obligation so we can discuss your needs.

*Selecting a ‘Get started’ button will not commit you to anything but will start to contact process to assess your needs.