Critical illness cover

Who would support your family or pay off your mortgage if you became seriously ill?

Our team of experts will listen to your needs and search the market, to find you the right critical illness and injury cover policies to suit your requirements and budget. We will present you with a shortlist of quotes from insurance policies that match your criteria.  

You only pay for the policy that you choose because our service comes at no extra cost to you and is entirely obligation free.

What is critical illness cover?

Critical illness cover can also be referred to as Critical illness insurance, Mortgage protection insurance, Cancer cover, Sickness cover, Dread Disease cover, medical insurance, accident insurance and so forth but essentially these are just different words for the same cover.

Critical illness cover is an insurance policy that covers you against a number illnesses or injuries that could otherwise result in your inability to work, resulting in a subsequent loss of earnings or assets.

The inability to earn, combined with the cost of medical bills, childcare, and mortgage repayments puts great financial pressure on people who are already at their weakest. Critical illness cover is designed to help eliminate this pressure and to provide policy holders with peace of mind.

Critical illness cover benefits

  • Receive a tax free lump sum of money if you’re diagnosed with any of over 30 critical illnesses detailed on our what’s covered page.
  • You choose how it’s spent – it could be used to pay off your mortgage and clear debts, pay for medical expenses or take a holiday with your loved ones.
  • Free children’s critical illness cover comes with most policies, giving you the financial freedom to look after your children, should they become critically ill.
  • Peace of mind – Some things are completely out of our control and critical illness cover gives the reassurance that if anything does happen, you will have the financial means to deal with it.
  • For an extensive list of benefits, visit our critical illness insurance benefits page.

What does critical illness insurance cover?

Critical illness insurance covers over 30 illnesses including Cancer, Heart attack, Stroke, Coma, Dementia, Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s disease, blindness and deafness. To see a full list of what’s covered visit our critical illness cover page.

How much will critical illness cover cost?

  • Your Critical illness cover premium will depend heavily on your personal circumstances, such as; age, sex, lifestyle, occupation and your family medical history.
  • Cost is dependant on the critical illness cover you choose and the insurance company that provides that cover.
  • Don’t worry if you’re on a budget because our expert team will search the market and negotiate with insurers to try find you the best value critical illness cover possible.

To find out more about Critical Illness Insurance, click here to visit our Critical Illness Insurance Website