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Why? When? How? Whether you have a good grip of your finances or you are in a day-to-day struggle, financial planning is an indispensable tool in today's economy.


Everyone has goals and ambitions which they wish to achieve, but to realise them it needs a plan.

According to a study undertaken by the Independent:

Last year, the savings ratio hit a 50-year low at the same time levels of indebtedness broke all-time records. And to make things worse, everyone's living a lot longer....
By the time we reach the age of 65, we're now expected to live another 17 to 20 years, depending on our sex. Yet most people are not putting nearly enough money into their pension to finance such a long retirement, meaning millions of people are going to need to work much longer or live a much more humble existence in their old age than they might have hoped.

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Source: The Independent


If you can make it a regular habit to review your financial situation, the long term goals you are aiming for can be achieved:

  • The earlier you start saving, no matter how little, the more money you will have to accomplish your goals.
  • Protect your financial stability, and that of your family’s
  • Be better informed to exert maximum exposure to opportunities in financial markets
  • Make plans today to maintain or increase your standard of living after retirement
  • Don’t put it off until next month, start today.


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